7 Things to Look for When Choosing A Diaper Bag

7 Things to Look for When Choosing A Diaper Bag

As a parent to an infant, toddler, or preschooler, leaving the house needs a lot of pre-planning. You'll need to be fully equipped with every baby gear. From diapers, baby wipes, baby bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, changing pads, change of clothes, baby lotions, burping clothes; the list is endless.

But a good diaper bag can save the situation.

This article will answer all your questions about diaper bags, such as what to look for when choosing a diaper bag, the different types of diaper bags, the importance of a diaper bag, and much more.

The Difference Between A Diaper Bag And A Regular Bag

Unlike regular bags, diaper bags are specially designed with all baby needs in mind.

They are often bigger, easier to clean and come with lots of extra pockets. Organizing baby stuff in a diaper bag is more comfortable.

Also, some diaper bags come with other accessories such as a changing pad and bottle insulators. Other options include a mommy section to put your phone and other personal items.

Types Of Diaper Bags

You'll be surprised to know that there is more than one type of diaper bag. The choice of the best model for you solely depends on your tastes, preferences, and intended use.

Below is a detailed explanation of the four significant types, plus the pros and cons of each type.

Tote Diaper Bags

Tote diaper bags are large bags with a large opening on the top that often resemble oversized book bag. They have two straps attached on the sides used for hanging the bag on the shoulder.

Tote diaper bags have several storage compartments both on the inside and the outside. This makes it easy for you to arrange all your baby items.

If you are a mom who loves being in fashion, tote diaper bags are fully practical for your needs. They are so stylish that you'd never guess they are diaper bags.

  • Stylish outer look

  • Versatile (can be used as a regular handbag)

  • Includes space for mummy items

  • Not ideal for dads

  • Heavy

Messenger Diaper Bags

A messenger diaper bag is a large bag with a long adjustable strap and is worn over the shoulder. It can also be worn by passing the strap across the chest. They are also referred to as sling diaper bags.

  • Easy and quick access to your baby stuff

  • Strap is adjustable

  • Dad-friendly

  • Small storage capacity

Stroller Diaper Bags

These are bags that include stroller straps or clips to attach to your stroller's handlebars. They can be either be messenger bags, tote bags, or even backpacks.

Some stroller diaper bags are compact enough to fit in your stroller's storage basket.

Unlike tote bags that can be easily snatched, or misplaced, stroller diaper bags are safer and hard to lose.

  • Convenient as they take the weight off your shoulders, hands, or back

  • Safer

  • A bulky bag may cause the stroller to topple backward

Clutch Diaper Bags

A clutch diaper bag is a slim, flat handbag with no straps. Most of them can be unfolded to form a padded changing mat.

If you are only rushing out for a few minutes, there's no need to pack tons of baby stuff. A few diapers and wipes are enough. That's when a clutch diaper bag comes in. Some of them are large enough to fit in diaper creams and a change of clothes.

  • Portable

  • Slim and classy

  • Can fit in your handbag

  • Very small

Things to consider when choosing a diaper bag

As you'll come to learn, a diaper bag will soon become your all-time companion for every trip: whether during the day or night. Thus, the need for a practical diaper bag cannot be over-emphasized.

Below is an in-depth guide on everything you need to look for when selecting the best diaper bag.


When it comes to diaper bags, the more space; the merrier.

Babies need a lot of stuff. For long trips, you may find that you need to carry extra books and toys to keep your baby busy. And on cold days, you'll need to take an extra blanket or jacket. Also, when you start weaning, you may have to pack food and snacks for them.

As a general rule, always choose a diaper bag that has enough space to carry all the baby gear you may need. Here are the most common things you are likely to pack in your diaper bag: baby wipes, two feeding bottles, a change of clothes, pacifiers, toys, hat, bibs, burp cloths, several diapers, baby formula, and a diaper rash cream.


Your bag will carry lots of stuff. Besides, you'll use it almost every day for the next few years. And as your child grows, do not be surprised to see them dragging it on the floor.

Thus, you need a bag that is strong and well-made. The best option should be one that is long-lasting enough to be used by any other baby that may follow.

Some of the most durable options are made from canvas. These are light and are often coated to make them water-resistant and scratch proof.

 Another very trendy material is nylon. Many parents love it because the bags are usually cheaper and very easy to clean. On the flip side, these are not as durable.

Leather diaper bags are also extremely durable and classy. However, they are a little heavy than most other options. They are also a bit pricier.

If possible, avoid bags made from vinyl. This material cracks easily and is not very durable.


Diaper bags get dirty pretty fast. From baby pee, baby poo, to milk spills, the messy affairs you'll encounter are limitless.

Some diaper bags can be cleaned through a quick wipe, while others need to be washed as soon as possible. Either way, go for a bag that is easy to clean. It should not also stain easily.

An excellent option to consider is a machine washable, quick-drying, and waterproof diaper bag. Also, avoid bright colors such as white. They'll catch dirt faster.


Compartments will help you to organize your bag. It is easier to know where every baby item is. Choose a diaper option that has a lot of compartments both inside and outside. These are easier to access.

Insulated Bottle Pockets

Regardless of whether you intend to carry baby bottles around or not, insulated bottle pockets are very useful. You can as well use them to keep spare sippy cups and water bottles.

They are also perfect for keeping your baby milk, water, or food cool or warm. Some insulated bottle pockets can be accessed from both outside and inside.

If you are a parent to twins, choose a bag with two or more insulated bottle pockets.

Changing Pad Quality

A changing pad is one of those diaper bag accessories that you cannot afford to stay without. You will use it a lot.

An ideal changing pad should be lightweight, soft, and well padded. It should also be waterproof and easy to clean.

Most useful options also include a security strap on the top to keep a wiggly baby safe during diaper changes.


There are so many brands of diaper bags available on the market today. If you a looking for stylish and classy diaper bags, you'll have several designer diaper bags to choose from. They are fashionable and very durable. But they are also more expensive.

Also, bags sold from well-established brands often cost more than those from new brands. The good idea is to read online reviews on your preferred brand before you can purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A Regular Bag As a Diaper Bag?

A regular bag is ideal when you need to pack your keys, a wallet, and maybe a few toiletries. But, when you have diapers, feeding bottles, wipes, toys, and all those baby stuff to pack, your regular bag may not be the best choice.

Regular bags will often have three pockets. Organizing all baby items in a bag with a few compartments is very tricky. Also, because regular bags have no insulation, baby milk and food are likely to spoil very fast.

With a baby, food or lotion spills are inevitable. These messes may be hard to clean off from your regular handbag.

Thus, you cannot replace the convenience and practicability of a diaper bag with a regular bag.

How Big Should A Diaper Bag Be?

For how long will you be out? How many children are you going out with? Is your baby on exclusive breastfeeding or complementary feeding? What baby items do you intend to carry?

The answers to these questions will help you decide on the size of the bag you require. If you have more than one child, you'll need a bigger bag. On the other hand, if you are going out to run a quick errand, a small diaper clutch would be perfect.

The good news is there are many multifunctional diaper bag sets options available in the market today. A set will include small bags, medium size bags, and a larger bag. With this set, you can now select the bag that best suits your specific needs.

What Color Of Diaper Bag Should I Get?

There are a lot of color options for diaper bags to choose from. For the next few months (or years), the diaper bag is probably going to be a permanent companion. Thus, go for something that has a color that you like. The color should also go with a lot of your clothes.

Also, remember that these bags will easily get messy. So, colors such as white should be avoided.

However, if you intend to share the diaper bag with your partner, choose a neutral color that he wouldn't be embarrassed to carry.

Is There Any Diaper Bag For Twins?

Yes. Several diaper bags can be used by parents with twins. They are a little bigger and allow you to pack up to four (or more bottles).

However, when you're going out for longer trips, it is always a good idea to have a backup of diapers and a change of clothes in the car.

What Diaper Bag Size Is Best For Airplane Travel?

The size of a diaper bag that is best for airplane travel depends on the duration of your flight.

But it is recommended that you carry your standard diaper bag that fits all the baby gear that you would usually need. Pack items such as diapers, wipes, changing mats, change of clothes, a few toys, hand sanitizer, and any other necessary baby items.

Most airlines allow you to carry one diaper bag as a carry-on bag per child with a paid ticket. However, it is important to check with your airline to confirm what is acceptable.

Can I Attach A Diaper Bag To An Umbrella Stroller?

Yes, you can.

Check if your diaper bag comes with stroller straps that attach it to your stroller handles. Stroller hooks can also be bought separately and are very easy to use.

But it is not advisable to attach a diaper bag to lightweight umbrella strollers. They are likely to tip over which is risky to the baby.


Clearly, a diaper bag is a must-have baby item for every new parent.

As seen above, there are also a few things you should consider when choosing a diaper bag. The size, ease of cleaning, and durability are top on the list. Also, remember to choose a bag that matches your taste and style. It should match your wardrobe too. It should as well be light and easy to organize.

Also, remember that these bags come in a wide range of styles and types.

I hope the information provided in this article helps you in selecting the best diaper bag for you.