About Us

Here at walkandjump.com, our goal is to provide you, our dear reader, with objective reviews to help you navigate the seemingly endless sea of products for active enjoyment of time.

For years, we’ve been privileged to test a different kind of products. We’ve learned that sometimes the price is the worst indicator of quality, and we’ve also learned that even the most reputable manufacturers occasionally miss the mark and release a product that doesn’t perform as one would expect it to perform.

And we’re far from alone with this experience. Every day, consumers all around the world make purchase decisions based on the first impression or inaccurate user reviews, which often results in regret and wasted money. At one point, we realized that enough is enough and decided to do something about it.

Our solution? Objective reviews written from the point-of-view of a consumer just like you. Unlike many manufacturers, we care about quality and reliability, and we would never make false claims just to make a sale. When you read one of our reviews, you can be certain that all the information is based on the experience of many different consumers who actually own the product in question and were willing to share their opinions with others.

Our Principles

Because we want our readers to trust our opinions and advice, you’ve established several core principles which we always adhere to when testing and reviewing products. It’s because of these principles and our deep desire to provide you with quality content that our website has become a high-traffic destination that buyers from around the world depend on.


We’re not affiliated with any particular brand, so our reviews reflect only our own opinion. For less-known brands, it’s often nearly impossible to establish themselves on the market because so many reviewers are influenced by the donations and gifts they receive from large brands—but not us. When a small brand offers a better product than a multi-national corporation, we don’t hesitate to tell you, and vice versa.


It’s only natural for humans to have personal preferences and beliefs. But even though every reviewer in the world is an individual, we’re convinced that individuality shouldn’t stand in the way of objectivity. Whenever we express a personal opinion, we immediately follow with a different perspective to keep things objective.


In the world where Wikipedia articles without proper citations are considered a reliable source of information, we strive to be a go-to destination for accurate product descriptions and feature comparisons. Because even manufacturers and retailers themselves sometimes release false information, we go the extra mile to personally verify all the facts before making any verdicts based on them.