Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker Review

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker Review

  • Safe construction

  • The option to add additional toys

  • Replaceable batteries

  • Removable activity tray

  • Doesn’t fold for storage

  • Doesn’t come with as many toys as other baby walkers


The Neptune baby walker from Baby Einstein does things differently than many other walkers on the market. While most babies will be thrilled about the extra leg room, we expect that most parents won’t be stoked about the need to disassemble the walker every time they want to store it.

This ocean-themed baby walker will encourage your little one to walk, explore, and play. Baby Einstein is known for their desire to create innovative products that meet the strictest safety criteria and offer unique features. The Baby Neptune walker is no exception in this regard, combining a fun design with a sturdy construction.

Compared to other walkers, you may notice that there’s no front support arm connected to the activity tray. That’s because the base extends all the way up and runs under the tray. While this construction makes the tray feel slightly springy, it ensures that your baby won’t hurt his or her delicate feet by accidentally kicking the front support arm.

The activity tray comes with a few games and activities, but many other baby walkers provide much greater entertainment variety. That said, the Neptune baby walker has two loops for adding additional toys. We appreciate, however, that the batteries that power the tray are easily replaceable. It’s also easy to remove the entire tray. What’s not easy is storing the walker. If you want to slide it under the bed, you first need to disassemble the support arms, which gets old very quickly if you do every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the walker work on carpet?

The answer to this question strongly depends on the leg strength of your baby. Babies younger than four months might find it difficult to get the walker moving without help from their parents. Compared to other baby walkers, the rubber wheels on this one are relatively easy-rolling.

Do the wheels swivel?

The front wheels swivel, but the wheels on the back only rotate forward and backward.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

No, neither the front nor the rear wheels can be locked to prevent the walker from moving.

Does the walker fold for storage?

To store the walker under the bed, it’s necessary to partially disassemble it, which takes some time.

Does the activity tray come off and can the batteries be replaced?

It might take a flat-head screwdriver or a butter knife to nudge the tabs that hold the activity tray from the slots, but the tray can be removed and the batteries that power it can be replaced.