Beberoad Patent Design Stroller Board Review

Beberoad Stroller Board Review

  • Dual design board

  • Comfortable sponge cushion seat

  • Height adjustable seat

  • Can be easily attached or detached

  • Wheel suspension for smooth rides

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy frame

  • No safety belts


The Beberoad Stroller Board is a serious product worth your consideration. Its build quality makes it stand out and you will love it.

The Beberoad Stroller Board is a strong dual design board worth every single cent. It is fitted with a saddle and can be attached to almost any stroller. This review will show you the strengths of this board and also the one thing we think could have made it a better product.

The dual design of this board makes it stand out. Its sponge cushion seat makes the ride comfortable for your child. It is also fitted with an armrest which provides stability and extra safety for your child.

The seat is also fitted with a height adjustment mechanism and it is possible to achieve three different heights. Other than that, it can be rotated up to 90 degrees, which goes a long way in accommodating children of different heights and sizes. When not needed, the seat can be dismounted and the child can stand easily.

Moreover, the Beberoad Stroller Board is designed to fit on to almost all strollers. Its connector arms are flexible and can be height adjusted as required to reach the connecting bars on the stroller. The clamping components also attach or detach easily from the stroller making the whole connecting process a breeze.

The wheels on this board are padded and have a suspension system to make the ride smooth for your child. They also swivel freely which increases maneuverability and off-road capabilities for the board. If you encounter uncoordinated movement by the wheels, move slower and the wheels will resume normal coordinated movement.

To ensure safety and that the board works as expected, Beberoad recommends the board to carry children of up to a maximum weight of 45 lbs. It also does not support children below 15 months of age to ride on it.

The company also discourages running or jogging when the board is attached to a stroller. If you want to run, ensure the straps are tightly fastened on the connecting bars of the stroller then hold fast on the handlebars. But even still, avoid running or jogging when using this board.

Adhering to these guidelines will keep the board in good condition and also reduce the chances of danger to your child.

For added strength and durability, the Beberoad Stroller Board is made from aluminum alloy and strengthened plastic. These make it possible for you to take the unpaved path without fear of breaking the board.

While the Beberoad Stroller Board scores strongly on the positives, we felt it would do much better if a safety belt were included. You will also not manage to jog or run while using this board as the manufacturer warns against that.