Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer Review

  • High quality

  • Quiet blower

  • Not too tall

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play

  • Nothing major


The Blast Zone Magic Castle bouncer is a high-quality product that provides an excellent way for children to blow off some steam and get plenty of exercise. Blast Zone is a company that you can trust, and the Blast Zone Magic Castle bouncer is one of the company’s finest products.

The Blast Zone Magic Castle bouncer is a fun castle-themed inflatable bouncer of the highest quality. The bouncer ships with a UL-listed 480-watt blower. The blower can inflate the bouncer in around one minute with a flip of a switch.

Once inflated, the blower continues pumping air into the bouncer to keep it from deflating. Blast Zone has designed the bouncer for both outside and indoor play, making the blower resistant to high temperatures and keeping its noise at a very low level.

The walls of the Blast Zone Magic Castle bouncer are made of commercial vinyl fabric with double and quadruple stitching for extra durability. Don’t expect to see any wear marks even after several seasons of bouncy fun.

Before the entrance to the bouncer is an inflatable rubber ramp that allows even your little ones to enter and exit the bouncer without any problem. Safety mesh net wraps all around the bouncer, keeping the children safely inside.

Blast Zone offers one-year warranty and a two-year promise of stellar customer service. It’s a little difficult to imagine just what exactly the promise includes, but we know that Blast Zone stands behind its customers, so we’re not going to dwell on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the plastic balls included with the bouncer?

No, the plastic balls that can be seen on the promotional pictures are not included with the bouncer. The good news is that they don’t cost much and can be ordered from Amazon.

What’s the height of the bouncer?

The bouncer is about 8 feet tall, so you have a good chance of fitting it in your living room.

Can the bouncer be used during the winter?

Generally, all bouncers shouldn’t be used during the winter as freezing temperatures together with moisture could damage the seams.

Can the bounder be used indoors?

Yes, the bouncer can absolutely be used indoors if you have enough room for it. The included blower is relatively quiet and doesn’t produce too much heat.

What are the specifications of the blower?

120 V, 60 Hz, 4 A, 480 W.

Does the bouncer get hot when it’s outside in the sun?

No, the Blast Zone Magic Castle bouncer is so well ventilated that it doesn’t get hot even when it’s outside in the sun.

Can the bouncer be used on concrete?

Yes, the bouncer is heavy enough that even a very strong gust of wind won’t be able to move it.

Is it possible to purchase a replacement blower?

Yes, Blast Zone sells replacement blowers to customers. Simply contact the company’s customer service at

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