Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer Review

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4.7/5 on October 17, 2017

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82 reviews


  • Fun, fun, fun
  • 80 square-foot splash pool
  • Long slide
  • Comes with an air blower
  • Safe and durable


  • None


For what it is, the Blast Zone Shark Park isn’t really all that expensive. Sure, around $800 isn’t a bargain, but you’re buying many summers full of happiness for your children. You most likely wouldn’t think twice if you were to spend a similar amount of money on an electronic device, so why not put the money to a better use?

The Blast Zone Shark Park is an inflatable wonderland with an enclosed bouncer section, a long slide, and a large pool area.

When you buy the Blast Zone Shark Park, you can be sure that all the neighborhood kids will come to your house to play whether you like it or not. This inflatable water park bouncer must have been designed by a kid because kids absolutely love it, and you don’t even need to see it in person to understand why.

The Blast Zone Shark Park has a large, 80 square-foot splash pool that doubles as a ball pit. Into the pool leads a long slide that can be accessed through a fun crawl tunnel from the main bouncer section, which is enclosed from all sides by durable mesh to keep your young sharks safe when bouncing around.

To maximize the fun, we highly recommend a large pack of rubber balls for the pool. Click N’ Play sells a popular pack of 200 phthalate- and BPA-free balls for a great price. The only other thing you’ll need to have to enjoy this bouncer is a large backyard with plenty of free space. Included with the Blast Zone Shark Park is a high-quality air blower, which must run all the time to keep the bouncer inflated. The good news is that the bouncer is so heavy that you don’t need to worry too much about wind picking it up and tossing it around like a paper bag.

Before You Purchase

Is it possible to purchase replacement parts for the sprayer kit separately?

Yes, the manufacturer sells replacement parts. You should be able to find a contact number for the manufacturer on the box the Blast Zone Shark Park came in. Alternatively, visit the manufacturer’s website and look for contact information there.

What is the weight limit of the bouncer?

The weight limit of the bouncer is 150 pounds.

What is the weight limit of the slider?

The weight limit of the slider is 100 pounds.

What warranty does the manufacturer provide?

Blast Zone offers a 1-year warranty on all its products, including this bouncer.

In how many packages does the Blast Zone Shark Park arrive?

Because of its extraordinary large size, the Blast Zone Shark Park ships in two boxes.

What’s the right procedure for draining the pool area?

The easiest way how to drain the pool area is to turn off the blower, wait a while for the pool to deflate slightly, and then compress one of the pool walls to let the water out.

Do I have to keep the blower turned on to keep the bouncer inflated?

Yes, the material the bouncer is made of isn’t air-tight, so you have to keep the blower turned on to keep the bouncer inflated.

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