Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House

Blast Zone Sidekick Bounce House Review

  • Large area

  • A separate ball pit

  • Excellent quality

  • Many accessories

  • None


Blast Zone knows how to make high-quality bouncers, and the Sidekick Bounce House shows how much attention and care they put into every product they release.

The Sidekick Bounce House is another hit product from Blast Zone, a company that’s been giving children from around the country joy in the form of well-made bouncers.

The Sidekick Bounce House measures 14 × 14 feet, and it features a large bounce area, a separate ball pit, and a basketball hoop. The manufacturer states that the bouncer can accommodate up to 6 children at the same time—2 in the ball pit and 4 bouncing around. All sections of the Sidekick Bounce House have mesh walls that protect the children from falling out and keep the balls inside the ball pit.

Blast Zone goes to great lengths to ensure that all products they put on the market meet the strictest safety standards. The bouncer is made of Blast Zone’s exclusive X-Weave material of added durability, and all stitches are reinforced to withstand even the most energetic bouncing.

Blast Zone performs a throughout quality control before they ship any product to their customers. Such a high level of quality assurance is something that’s worth paying for when it comes to the safety and happiness of your children.

Included with the Blast Zone bouncer are various accessories, including carrying straps, anchor stakes, a sprayer system, and an air blower. When not in use, the Sidekick Bounce House can be easily deflated and rolled into a compact package for storage.

Does the ball pit have a separate entrance?

No. Unfortunately, the ball pit doesn’t have a separate entrance.

Does the bouncer come with balls?

No, the manufacturer doesn’t include any balls with the bouncer.

How many balls fit inside the bouncer?

Depending on their size, you should be able to fill the bouncer with over 1,000 balls.

What kind of warranty does the manufacturer offer?

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty that covers virtually all manufacturing defects.

Is the air blower loud?

Despite how powerful it is, the included air blower isn’t actually too loud.

Can the bouncer be used during the winter?

It’s not recommended to use the bouncer during the winter. The cold air could affect the integrity of the material, making it more likely to tear.

Does the bouncer get hot when it’s outside in the sun?

The bouncer is well ventilated, so the air inside shouldn’t be hotter than the air outside. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the bouncer doesn’t have a roof, so additional sun protection in the form of a sun cream or a hat is a must.

Does the bouncer ship with an air blower?

Yes, the bouncer ships with a high-quality air blower.

Is it possible to anchor the bouncer to the ground?

Yes, and several anchor stakes are included in the box.

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