Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board Review

Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board Review

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to attach or detach

  • It has a slip-resistant stepping surface

  • Swivel wheels for easy maneuverability

  • Easy to walk with it

  • Does not fold with stroller

  • Compatible with Bumbleride’s strollers only

  • Limited space for the child to stand


The Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board is a sturdy little board that you will love. Despite its inconveniences, it’s worth every cent you will spend on it. Just be ready to detach and carry it whenever you encounter stairs.

The Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board is a lightweight skateboard-like stroller from Bumbleride Inc. It is made to attach to the company’s Indie line of strollers. In this review, we shall look at where it shines and also at the one most inconveniencing thing we found out about this board.

Tipping the scales at just 1 pound, the Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board is one of the lightest boards you will find. This makes it less cumbersome to carry. Do not mistake its weight for feebleness as it can carry kids of up to 44 lbs.

In addition to being lightweight, this board has a simple clamping system for stroller attachment. It is made to be compatible with Bumbleride’s Indie line of strollers. You can, therefore, attach or detach it from these strollers in seconds as they’re made specifically for them.

If you want to attach it to a stroller from a different manufacturer, you may need to purchase a universal adapter. This will, in turn, increase the cost of acquiring this board. It will also increase the time you take to attach or detach it from the stroller.

For safety, the board has a slip-resistant stepping surface which makes sure your child does not slide off the board during motion. The child will also hold on to the stroller’s handlebars for extra stability and safety.

With its swiveling wheels, the Bumbleride Mini Stroller Board can follow the stroller in any direction. This makes it easy to maneuver around rocky places, roots, uneven surfaces, etc. The wheels are also high and a good length apart. This means you won’t keep hitting the board while in motion as your feet will naturally fit in the space below the board.

While this board is amazing in many ways, we found it inconveniencing that you have to detach it every time you want to fold the stroller, go up or down some stairs, or don’t need it. Many other manufacturers allow the convenience of folding up their boards or strapping them onto the stroller when not in need but not so with the Bumbleride’s Mini Stroller Board.

Other than that, you will have to dispose your handlebar parent pack from the stroller as your kid will need that space to stand. Additionally, if the baby on the stroller suddenly jolts backward, the kid on the stroller board will most likely receive a head smack. This is because of the proximity between them.