How to hang a doorway jumper

How to Hang a Doorway Jumper

Virtually all baby jumpers have a huge clamp designed to latch securely over standard door frames. If you have standard door frames in your house, you should be able to hang just about any doorway jumper in a matter of minutes, and this article explains exactly how ...Read More

How to Keep Your Stroller in Good Condition

How to Keep Your Stroller in Good Condition

You probably see a stroller as a product that will be a part of your (and your baby’s) life for a certain period of time. However, it’s much more than that. It’s an investment you should make wisely and eventually – you’ll need to keep your stroller in good condition ...Read More

How to repair a bounce house

How to repair a bounce house?

Unless your children are actually grown people in children’s costumes (we genuinely hope not), the chances are that, at some point, you will have to figure out how to repair a damaged bounce house. You could, of course, just get a new one and throw out the old one, but why do that when easy-to-use bounce house repair kits are readily available ...Read More

How to adjust baby walker

How to adjust baby walker

Let us guess: you’ve recently purchased your first baby walker, and you’re now wondering how to correctly assemble and adjust it, right? Well, we won’t help you with the assembly, the instructional manual that came with your baby walker is your best option but we can help you with the adjustment ...Read More

How to keep your kids safe in a bounce house

How to keep your kids safe in a bounce house?

Perhaps you’ve seen some horrific footage showing an improperly secured bounce house becoming unmoored due to a sudden gust of wind. Or perhaps you’ve read a study that stated that inflatable bounce houses pose a hazard to children, making you question whether bounce houses are safe in the first place. Your worries are understandable because even the best bounce houses aren’t safe unless you adhere to some basic safety guidelines ...Read More

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels?

Hair is the arch-enemy of baby walker wheels. Most baby walker wheels are closed off by a pressed metal cap that’s not designed to come off no matter how much you try to pry it open. Apply too much force, and the cap may crack, or the entire plastic body of the wheel may break, and that’s not something you want to happen, especially if your baby really loves his or her baby walker ...Read More

How to adjust baby jumper

How to adjust baby jumper?

In response to the high number of baby jumper-related injuries, mandatory standards that were implemented in 1971 addressed the incidence of pinch injuries and, as a result, those injuries have decreased. Baby jumper manufacturers have also implemented a host of voluntary standards to address many other understandable concerns of parents who would like to give their children a fun activity that’s also safe and engaging ...Read More

How to put baby in jumper

How to put baby in jumper?

Many parents wonder when is the best time to put a baby in a jumper, and they are sometimes also not convinced that baby jumpers are entirely safe, often after reading various online articles that claim that baby jumpers can slow down babies’ development. After reading this article, you will know answers to both of these questions, and you will also know how to make the most out of the baby jumpers on the market ...Read More