How to adjust baby walker?

How to adjust baby walker

Let us guess: you’ve recently purchased your first baby walker, and you’re now wondering how to correctly assemble and adjust it, right? Well, we won’t help you with the assembly—the instructional manual that came with your baby walker is your best option—but we can help you with the adjustment. Post-assembly check Before you start adjusting […]

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How to keep your kids safe in a bounce house?

How to keep your kids safe in a bounce house

Perhaps you’ve seen some horrific footage showing an improperly secured bounce house becoming unmoored due to a sudden gust of wind. Or perhaps you’ve read a study that stated that inflatable bounce houses pose a hazard to children, making you question whether bounce houses are safe in the first place. Your worries are understandable because […]

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How to remove hair from baby walker wheels?

How to remove hair from baby walker wheels

Hair is the arch-enemy of baby walker wheels. Most baby walker wheels are closed off by a pressed metal cap that’s not designed to come off no matter how much you try to pry it open. Apply too much force, and the cap may crack, or the entire plastic body of the wheel may break, […]

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How to adjust baby jumper?

How to adjust baby jumper

Most baby jumpers need to be adjusted before they can be used in a safe and healthy manner. Even the best baby jumpers on the market can be dangerous unless adjusted correctly, as explains the Georgetown University Early Intervention Professional Development Center, “Concerns have arisen regarding the safety of these devices. Injuries have been reported […]

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How to put baby in jumper?

How to put baby in jumper

Many parents wonder when is the best time to put a baby in a jumper, and they are sometimes also not convinced that baby jumpers are entirely safe, often after reading various online articles that claim that baby jumpers can slow down babies’ development. After reading this article, you will know answers to both of […]

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