Chicco Activity Baby Walker Review

Chicco Activity Baby Walker Review

  • Wheels can be locked

  • Interesting games to explore and toys to play with

  • Quality product from a reputable manufacturer

  • Excellent build quality

  • Batteries not included


The Chicco Activity Baby Walker features amusing toys that differ from the toys included with most baby walkers on the market. The fact that you can lock the rear wheels with a flip of a switch makes the walker far more usable as a sit-and-play activity center than it would be if the walker were constantly rolling away from your baby.

The Chicco Activity Baby walker is a well-designed walker that encourages babies to take their first steps by playing music when pushed.

The walker comes with an interesting activity center that’s all about fun games with shapes, lights, and sounds. Your baby can throw the included plastic balls into a light-up slot, place shapes into matching holes and watch as they fall and land on a plastic tray.

To keep the Chicco Activity Baby Walker in place when playing, the rear wheels can be locked. The base of the walker is very wide and keeps it from wobbling around. The walker is powered by two AA batteries and is suitable for babies 6 months of age or older.

We like how colorful the Activity Baby Walker from Chicco is, which can be said about all products from the company. We guarantee that if you let your baby choose between a walker from Chicco and a walker from a manufacturer that doesn’t go the extra mile to make its toys so visually appealing, your baby will prefer the walker from Chicco without even the smallest hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the walker work well on carpet?

The Chicco Activity Baby Walker has very large wheels that generally roll well on carpet. High-pile carpet is always a problem for very small babies, but it gets better as they get older and stronger.

Does the walker come with batteries included?

No, the Chicco Activity Baby Walker doesn’t come with batteries included. The walker takes two AA batteries, and you need to purchase them separately. To save money in the long run, we recommend rechargeable batteries.

Will the walker scratch my hardwood floor?

The wheels are made of soft plastic that won’t scratch your hardwood floors. The wheels do, however, make quite a lot of noise on hardwood floors, especially compared to carpet or rubber play mats.

Is it possible to adjust the speed of the wheels?

While the wheels can be locked to prevent the walker from moving, it’s not possible to adjust their rolling speed. You can make the walker move slower by placing it on carpet, which adds extra resistance. The same can be achieved by placing the walker on a rubber play mat.

Is the handle height-adjustable?

No, the handle isn’t height-adjustable.

Does the walker support other languages besides English?

No, the Chicco Activity Baby Walker only supports the English language.

Is it possible to remove the rear support legs?

No, it’s not possible to remove the rear support legs. They are an integral part of the walker and making them removable would significantly complicate the assembly process.