Chicco Baby Jogging Walker Review

Chicco Baby Jogging Walker Review

  • Height-adjustable handle

  • Large rubberized wheels

  • Foldable design

  • Easily accessible battery compartment

  • Limited selection of toys


The Chicco Baby Jogging Walker is a great, compact baby walker whose manufacturer clearly knows what they want to achieve and achieves it flawlessly. The walker is adjustable, foldable, practical, durable, and, above all, highly functional.

The Chicco Baby Jogging Walker is designed to sharpen your baby’s senses by growing with his or her first steps.

The walker starts with a sturdy, wide base and four rubberized wheels that won’t scratch your hardwood floors. Behind the rear wheels is a pair of safety stoppers that instantly prevent the walker from moving forward when tilted back, which may happen if it runs away from your baby, who starts to fall while still holding onto the handle.

Baby walkers without the safety stoppers would just keep rolling forward and cause your baby to fall, but not the Chicco Baby Jogging Walker.

Connected to the base is a single, foldable support arm that holds the activity tray and the height-adjustable handle. The handle can be adjusted without any tools with a press of a button, and the arm can be folded just as easily.

The activity tray doesn’t come with too many toys, but we can imagine that some parents would consider this to be a plus. After all, baby walkers are useful developmental tools first and fun toys second. Having your baby being constantly distracted by loud noises and flashing lights can be frustrating if you want to encourage him or her to start walking.

Not to mention that small, plastic toys can get easily lost or damaged, and due to the nature of baby walkers, you never know where to look for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the walker work well on carpet?

The Chicco Baby Jogging Walker does work well on carpet, but keep in mind that your baby will have to overcome extra resistance to push the walker. During the first few months, we recommend using the walker on a hardwood floor.

Does the walker come with batteries included?

The walker doesn’t come with batteries included. You will need two AA batteries to power the built-in light effects and sounds. The walker doesn’t consume too much electricity, so a single pair of AA batteries should last you a long time.

Will the walker scratch my hardwood floors?

No, the wheels are covered with a strip of soft rubber that won’t scratch your hardwood floors.

Is it possible to adjust the speed of the wheels?

No, the wheels are not speed-adjustable.

Is the handle height-adjustable?

Yes, the handle is height-adjustable, making it easy to achieve the perfect fit for your baby.

Does the walker support other languages besides English?

No, the Chicco Baby Walker only supports the English language.

Is it possible to remove the rear support legs?

No, but they can be easily folded for storage purposes. Just press the large red button on the main support arm and the walker folds flat, allowing you to store it under the bed or hide it in the closet.