Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker Review

Disney Minnie Music and Lights Walker Review

  • Affordable

  • Secure clamp

  • Machine-washable seat cover

  • Simple height adjustment

  • Questionable selection of toys


Disney has hit a home run with this well-designed baby walker. All little princesses are going to love the cute toys, the comfortable seat, and the high-quality wheels that make roaming around the house easy. Parents, on the other hand, will appreciate the ability to hold the walker flat for storage and the ease with which it can be turned into a feeding chair by removing the two activity trays.

This beautiful baby walker from Disney is guaranteed to delight every little princess. It comes with two removable, swing-open activity trays that feature many recognizable toys from famous Disney movies. The highlight is a spinning ball with Minnie Mouse inside. Inside the ball is a dozen or so small pebbles that make a sound when the ball rotates. Swinging the activity trays to the side reveals a feeding tray.

The seat features high-quality, machine-washable padding, and it can be adjusted to three different heights. The base of the walker comes with two different pairs of wheels. The front pair swivels freely so that you baby can easily steer the baby walker in any direction. The rear pair doesn’t swivel, which might make it slightly difficult for your baby to push the walker sideways.

Part of the base are also safety stoppers that eliminate the need for dedicated wheel brakes because they make it impossible for the walker to go over edges. The top part is connected by two pairs of foldable arms.

How well does the walker work on carpet?

The Music and Lights walker is designed for use on all surfaces, but very thick carpet will affect how easily the wheels rotate. Very young babies who have yet to develop strong leg muscles might be unable to move the walker.

Do the wheels swivel?

The front wheels swivel, but the rear wheels only move front and back.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

No, the wheels cannot be locked.

Will the wheels scratch my hardwood floors?

No, the wheels don’t leave behind any markings or scratches.

Is it possible to remove the activity tray?

Yes, the activity tray pops off for cleaning.

Are the batteries replaceable?

To change the two AA batteries in the Minnie Mouse toy, it’s necessary to unscrew three small screws underneath to remove the toy from the tray and one additional screw to unlock the battery door.

Does the walker fold flat for storage?

Yes, the baby walker can be easily folded for storage or travel.

Is it possible to order replacement toys?

Yes, replacement toys can be ordered at 800-544-1108 or crsocial@djgusa.com using the word Amazon as the email subject.

How many songs does the walker come with?

The Disney Minnie Music and Lights walker comes with 12 songs.