How to Choose a Stroller Board

How to Choose a Stroller Board (9 Things to Look Out for)

Are you a parent with more than one child and can’t fit them in a single stroller? Are you having trouble managing the children along the streets or in malls? What you need is a stroller board. In this post, I will show you how to choose a stroller board that best fits your needs.

What is a Stroller Board?

A stroller board is a flat wooden or plastic surface with wheels and an attachment mechanism that you use to attach it to a baby stroller. It can also be called a glider, buggy board or a ride-on board. The purpose of stroller boards is to provide a standing or sitting surface for extra children and make it easy for you to navigate around with all of your children.

Why do you need a Stroller Board?

If your children are born close together, you may need to move them around along in strollers. Acquiring a second stroller, especially if the first one cannot be converted into a double stroller is not only going to be expensive but also stressful trying to navigate around with the two.

The older child may also outgrow a stroller but still be in of need help to walk over long distances. With a stroller board, you will not have to worry about any of this as the older sibling will just stand or sit on their board and tag along with ease.

Things to look out for before you buy a Stroller Board

When choosing a stroller board, there are some factors to consider to ensure you get the best fit for the job. This is because different boards have different designs, features and weight limit. Depending on your requirements, here are the things to consider when choosing a stroller board;

  • Type

    Stroller boards come in two types; a standing board or a sitting board. Just as the name suggests, a standing board is where the child will stand like on a skateboard. They will then hold on to the stroller for balance and support. On the other hand, a sitting board has a small seat on which the child can sit and hold on the stroller for balance or on a handlebar provided on the board. Some stroller boards have a seat but still, have an allowance for standing which is especially suitable for children who can’t keep still.

  • Design

    The design of stroller boards is another important factor to consider. This is because not all boards will readily attach to all strollers. When making a choice, it is good to pick a universal board because it can attach to almost any stroller. Other than that, the design of some boards makes them attach or detach easily which is not the case with some other models. For others, you must first separate them, or you decide to fold the stroller along with it. While these design characteristics may not present a problem to some people, it may be inconveniencing to others especially in public transport. Therefore, depending on your requirements, pick a board with the most suitable design.

  • Sturdiness

    You do not want a stroller board that will begin squeaking after only a short use. That will mean you didn’t pick the right tool for the job, or it was just a poor-quality board right from the start. Despite the normal wear and tear, a sturdy board will remain usable and all its parts will be intact even after a prolonged use. If you intend to go off-road such as for camping, then you will need a board that can handle the rough terrain without breaking. Such a board will not be of the same quality with a board intended to be used only in the mall or in similar environments. Therefore, when choosing your board, look keenly at the manufacturer’s specifications to avoid your board breaking in the middle of a hike and putting your child in danger.

  • Weight and age limit

    Every board has it’s limit when it comes to weight and age. This is because if exceeded, the board will wear out fast and drastically shorten its life. Ignoring this may cause the board to, say, suddenly snap just when you are in the middle of a road. This will put you, the child and the baby on the stroller in danger. Adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines on weight limit will make sure the board remains in good condition and prolong its life. When picking your board, consider your child’s weight and age and then compare it with the board’s requirements.

  • Safety

    A stroller board that does not guarantee your child’s safety is not worth your consideration at all. Luckily, almost all stroller board manufacturers today are putting into consideration the safety of their products. For instance, some manufacturers fit their sitting boards with a safety belt. This prevents your child from falling should the stroller suddenly jerk. Others incorporate some form of suspension and height adjustment which goes a long way in keeping your child safe. A safe strolling board will not suddenly break, detach or lock it wheels while in motion.

  • Wheels type

    The wheels on your strolling board are an important factor to consider when making your choice. Some wheels are fixed and can either move forward or backward while others can swivel and move in any direction. The material used to make the wheels also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Swiveling wheels with a rubber base can be more durable and will maneuver easily.

  • Features and Accessories

    To make their strolling boards appeal to a wider range of clients, manufacturers will often equip them with innovative features and accessories. For example, a sitting board may be equipped with a safety belt. You may find another fitted with brakes. For some boards, a universal connector is purchased differently to make it connect to any stroller. Ensure you consider the features and accessories of each board and choose the most suitable for your needs.

  • Budget

    There are high-end stroller boards that are quite expensive while there is also a variety of less expensive boards. While price does not guarantee the quality, it is possible to get an affordable budget board. To get the best quality board that fits your budget, you will have to read honest reviews like the one we give here on Walk and Jump.

  • Brand

    While some brands have a reputation for making quality stroller boards, not every popular brand will give you what you need. A lesser-known brand may just be having the kind of quality you’re looking for.

How to fit a Stroller Board to your Stroller

The process of fitting a stroller board on your stroller is fairly straightforward and almost similar across different manufacturers. Here’s a general step by step guide on how to go about it.

  • Identify the points on your stroller on which you will fix the board.

  • Push the stroller board arms and align them to the fixing points on your stroller.

  • Loosen the clamping component on your board and pull the strap to wrap around the stroller fixing points. Then re-fasten the clamping parts. Do this on both arms of the board. After this, your board will be attached to the stroller but not ready for use just yet.

  • Refer to manufacturer’s specifications and adjust the height of the clamping component on the stroller. You can also change the angle of the arms to keep the board from being too steep. The ideal position will be parallel to the ground.

  • Now adjust the width of your board by loosening the screws under the stepping surface and pull it outwards up to the desired width. Then tighten the screws.

  • That’s it; your board is now ready for use. To detach it, you will just loosen the clamping components and unwrap the straps from the stroller.

Can you fit any Stroller Board to your Stroller?

Not every stroller board will fit on any stroller available. This is because strollers do not have a universal design and some manufacturers will make their boards compatible with only a particular brand(s) of strollers. This means you would have to be very careful when buying a board to make sure it is compatible with your existing stroller.

Luckily, some universal connectors or adapters are sold separately and which you can buy as an accessory for your board. These accessories make it possible for your board to connect to almost any stroller there is. You can opt for a universal connector if your board choice doesn’t readily attach to your stroller.


As you have seen, a stroller board is a must-have accessory for easy management of your kids’ movement. There is more to consider while choosing a stroller board, but this post has covered most important part. Your final choice will be dependent on your requirements. Keep it here for more tips and guides.