KidsEmbrace Baby Batman Activity Walker Review

KidsEmbrace Baby Batman Activity Walker Review

  • Fun, realistic design

  • Removable, electronic activity tray with lights and sounds

  • Machine-washable seat

  • Hard to clean


The Baby Batman activity walker from KidsEmbrace is a walker your baby is going to fall in love with. The activity tray full of lights and sounds will keep him or her excited for every opportunity to hop inside and race around.

Finally, a walker for all little Batboys and Batgirls! The Baby Batman activity walker from KidsEmbrace makes learning how to walk fun with its Batman-themed race car design. From the time the walker arrives at your doorstep, it takes just a few minutes to assemble it, and you can do it both without a second pair of hands and without any special tools. 

The activity tray has everything your little racer needs to finish in first place, including a key for starting the engine, a steering wheel to get past all tricky corners, and a shifter to overtake all other racers. The activity tray is electronic, and all toys provide visual and auditory feedback.

After turning the engine-start key, the tray vibrates and the lights turn on; when switching gears using the cute shifter, the walker vibrates and makes a gear-change noise; pressing any of the four buttons located around the steering wheels makes various car sounds and plays short melodies.

The Baby Batman activity walker from KidsEmbrace comes with a comfortable seat with high back support. Just like the activity tray, the seat is removable and easily washable. What’s not so easily washable is the rest of the baby walker.

Because of the high attention to detail, there are many places where mess could hide and accumulate over time. But if you’re willing to spend slightly more time after every play session on cleanup, then go ahead and make your baby happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the walker work on carpet?

The Baby Batman activity walker from KidsEmbrace comes with removable safety stoppers, which prevent it from rolling down the stairs but also make it nearly impossible for young babies to move the walker on carpet or rugs. Leave them off, and the walker should work just fine even on high-pile carpet.

Do the wheels swivel?

Yes, the front wheels swivel, but the rear wheels rotate only front and back.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

No, but they can be removed. Also, the Baby Batman activity walker has safety stoppers under the base, which prevent it from rolling down the stairs or over edges.

Is it possible to purchase replacement wheels?

To purchase replacement wheels, you need to contact the manufacturer directly, but there’s no guarantee that KidsEmbrace will have any replacement wheels in stock.

Is it possible to remove the activity tray and use the space for snacks?

Yes, the activity tray comes off fairly easily, leaving behind a space big enough for a few snacks and a sippy cup.

Are the batteries replaceable?

The four AA batteries are accessible from the bottom of the activity tray.

Is the seat removable?

Yes, the seat comes out and is machine-washable.