Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Baby

Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Baby Walker Review

  • Both seated activity walker and walk-behind walker

  • Fun toys for both developmental stages

  • Sturdy base with non-skid friction pads

  • Comfortable, machine-washable seat

  • Wheels don’t lock

  • Doesn’t work well on carpet


The Kolcraft Tiny Steps activity walker ticks all the boxes of what we expect from a walker in this price range. The color scheme is gender-neutral, the base is sturdy and secure, and the included toys are guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

This affordable walker with an activity tray with three fun toys is designed to grow with your baby. You can start using it as a seated activity walker and when the time comes, transition to a walk-behind walker by removing the padded, machine-washable seat.

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps activity walker is built on a sturdy base from which extend three foldable arms that support the top section. When folded flat, the activity walker is only 30 inches long, 24.3 inches wide, and 8 inches tall, making it easy to store it under the bed or couch.

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps activity walker can support children between 15 and 26 pounds. Just keep in mind that your child must be at least 32 inches tall to fit into the walker.

The toys that are part of the walker include a pretty flower mirror, a rotating ball that is sure to capture the attention of any mischievous baby, and a bead bar for motor skill development.

The entire product is JPMA-certified (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), so you can rest assured knowing that it won’t cause any harm to your dear angel.

All products that earn the JPMA certification must pass independent laboratory testing and follow-up on-site inspection of the manufacturer’s production line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the walker work on carpet?

The Kolcraft Tiny Steps activity walker is designed for hardwood floors, and it doesn’t work well on carpets. Even the transition from a hardwood floor to a flat carpet may be too much for the small wheels.

Do the wheels swivel?

The two wheels in the front swivel freely, but the two wheels in the back are fixed in place. But don’t worry: as long as you have hardwood floors in your home, your child will be able to roam around without much effort.

Can the activity tray be removed for cleaning?

Yes, the activity tray can be easily removed for cleaning. The ability to remove the tray also comes in handy if your child falls in love with the toys and wants to continue playing with them without necessarily sitting or standing in the walker.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

No, the wheels on the Kolcraft Tiny Steps activity walker cannot be locked. Because of how small the wheels are, you can prevent the walker from moving by placing it on thicker carpet.

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