Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery

Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker Review

  • Plenty of room for both toys and snacks

  • Can be easily folded for storage

  • Comes with fun, electronic toys

  • Comfortable, machine-washable seat

  • The batteries are non-replaceable


The Safety 1st dinosaur-themed baby walker is different from other walkers because it can double as a feeding chair. This alone might be enough to convince you to purchase it because a good feeding chair can cost just as much, if not more, than this versatile walker.

This dinosaur-themed baby walker from Safety 1st stands out with its two independent activity trays that swing open, acting as bumpers to protect your furniture and appliances.

Mounted on a large, rigid base is a foldable frame that holds the play area as well as the comfortable seat that can be adjusted to three different heights. The seat pad is removable and machine-washable.

The activity trays come with a host of fun toys, some of which make sounds and blink. All the toys are attached to the walker so your darling won’t easily lose them, and they include a small mirror, a chew toy, and a spinning ball, just to name a few.

By swinging open the two activity trays, a large area where you can place a sippy cup and snacks opens, allowing your child to eat while playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does the walker work on carpet?

The walker rolls reasonably well on most types of carpet, except for very thick, high-pile carpet. The front pair of wheels handles all sorts of small bumps and obstacles with ease, but the rear pair can sometimes get stuck a little.

Do the wheels swivel?

The rear wheels are stationary, but the front wheels swivel freely and easily.

Is it possible to lock the wheels?

While neither pair of wheels can be locked, there are safety stoppers at the front that prevent the walker from moving when the front wheels are not mounted.

Can the activity tray be removed for cleaning?

With this dinosaur-themed baby walker from Safety 1st, there’s no need to worry about messy play sessions. The toys can be easily removed and even thrown into the dishwasher—just keep the temperature at the minimum setting.

Does the walker fold flat for storage?

The walker folds flat for easy storage, but keep in mind that the top part of the seat sticks out slightly. If you plan on transporting the walker, we advise you to store it inside a rigid suitcase or box.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Unfortunately, the batteries that power the electric toys are not replaceable. You can contact the manufacturer and order the entire tray, though. That said, the batteries should last until your baby outgrows the walker.

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